“It Has Helped Me Connect to My Students Like Never Before”

Many Chabad girls’ schools have a “Mechaneches” program, whereby one teacher per class is responsible for the social-emotional needs of her students. This year, 19 of those Mechanchos of grades 6-12 received exclusive training for their vital role.

Healthy, Happy, Frum

It is therefore the responsibility of every mechaneches to address the emotional needs of her students in order for learning to take place. And when teachers cue in to the emotional needs of the students who obviously need this connection, they will provide the best possible education for all students, even the ones who seem to be emotionally more intact.

What Will We Tell our Children?

Our yearning is raw. We have been counting down since the first day of the Omer. We sing the songs with our children. The forty-nine days of anticipation are coming to a close soon. What will we tell them if we find ourselves at home?

The Aseres Hadibros of Chinuch

As we prepare once again for Kabalos HaTorah, it struck me that the first Talmud Torah was actually at Har Sinai and our first teacher was Moshe Rabbeinu. For the most perfect methods in Chinuch, we don’t need to look further than our Ten Commandments, the foundation of the entire Torah.

Reaching Our Students in a Way of L’Chatchila Ariber

I propose that we do everything we can in a manner of Lchatchilla Ariber. In addition to whatever schools are doing there should be an emphasis of one on one.

A Teacher’s Role During Covid-19

The role of a mechanech goes beyond teaching skills and text. While this is always true, during these times of change and uncertainty, this aspect of our role takes on a new meaning; the context and environment of our teaching is fertile ground and is calling upon us to use this opportunity to engage and be of service to our…

Chai Elul Inspiration: 18 Hachlatos for Those in Chinuch

At the Kinus Mechanchos Chabad 5779, Mechanchos from around the world gathered to farbreng and inspire each other in their unique Shlichus of Chinuch. Throughout the Kinus, there were various workshops and sessions that provided practical take-home ideas and food for thought to hone the Mechanchos’ approach to Chinuch.  Mechanchos were asked to make one Hachlata Tova for the coming…

A Moment of Silence For Our Own – The Discussion Continues

By: Rabbi Chaim Yitzchok Vogel Rabbi Chaim Yitzchok Vogel lives in Montreal and teaches in the Shluchim Online School. With the recent discussion about a Moment of Silence, I started reflecting on how this campaign of the Rebbe isn't only for the public schools, but for our schools as well. This pause in the daily routine can help instill Yiras…

Menahalim Blaze the Trail for Chabad Chinuch

The מנהל מוסד חינוך serves in a unique Shlichus today, with the potential to impact not only the school that he leads but also an entire community. With this potential comes tremendous responsibility, and MEF formed the MMC (Menahel Moisad Chinuch Chabad) training program in order to train and empower current and aspiring Menahalim to fill that role. This February,…

Chabad Women Principals and School Leaders Gather

Following the Kinus Hashluchos in Crown Heights, 25 women gathered over כ"ב-כ"ג שבט for further training and inspiration in their unique shlichus: Chabad School Leadership. Principals, assistant principals and curriculum directors from around the world came together to delve into the theme of communication as the cornerstone of effective leadership. They enjoyed workshops with Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum, acclaimed principal and…