At the Kinus Mechanchos Chabad 5779, Mechanchos from around the world gathered to farbreng and inspire each other in their unique Shlichus of Chinuch. Throughout the Kinus, there were various workshops and sessions that provided practical take-home ideas and food for thought to hone the Mechanchos’ approach to Chinuch. sholemsptgrphy (562 de 884)

Mechanchos were asked to make one Hachlata Tova for the coming year in Chinuch and share it publicly on a “Wall of Seeds” for others to gain inspiration as well. Dozens of Chabad Mechanchos participated, planting “seeds” of Hachlatos that will surely blossom into an incredible impact on Talmidim and Talmidos for generations to come.

In honor of Chai Elul, we have chosen 18 of these Hachlatos that were taken on during the Kinus to share with our community. We hope to inspire many more Chabad educators and parents to take on meaningful Hachlatos for the new year ahead. May these Hachlatos Tovos help us achieve a Ksiva Vichasima Tova, L’Shana Tova Umesuka.  

  1. My Hachlata is to go into my teaching year as a Shlucha of the Rebbe, and to repeat that to myself when/if I go through a rough patch. – Pomona, NY
  2. Take-aways: making Torah stories and Tefilla more relatable more often to the young children. – Indianapolis, IN
  3. I will work on being a better teacher by writing all my lessons out clearly and preparing before each class. – Anonymous
  4. I am going to work to make sure EVERY girl in my school is known, tracked, and cared for by her teachers. – Monsey, NY
  5. To really connect with each child and love each one for who they are. Then they can learn and blossom naturally and organically. – S. Paul, MN
  6. I will do my best to be patient and Dan Lechaf Zechus when it comes to disciplining a student. – Albany, NY
  7. I will choose one value that I want my students to walk away with and bring it out in my Chumash class throughout the year! – Toronto, Canada
  8. Compliment students more often. – Anonymous
  9. I will work on eliminating low quality thoughts that sap motivation. – Pittsburgh, PA
  10. To write a Duch to the Rebbe every month about how things are going in my class. – Seattle, WA
  11. I’m going to work more on making my lessons captivating to increase enthusiasm and participation. – Johannesburg, South Africa
  12. I will involve the parents this year. – Monsey, NY
  13. To daven for my students by name by Shabbos candles and at the Ohel. – Camarillo, CA
  14. My hachlata is to take a step back and try to see the student’s struggle, instead of just a negative behavior. – Anonymous
  15. I will try to focus on the inner aspect of each of the students – her Neshama, and help her do the best she can. – Brooklyn, NY
  16. I will farbreng for my students for every Yoma Dipagra. – Morristown, NJ
  17. Love Hashem and His Torah, and so will your students! – Anonymous
  18.  To see students as a continuation of the next generation and the educators of tomorrow. Whatever we want them to carry further to future generations, we should teach and influence them with now. – Montreal, Canada

sholemsptgrphy (839 de 884)