About us

It is our mission to be the best champions of Chabad students.

At MEF, we have an uncompromising focus on student success. We accomplish this goal by working through Chabad schools, and empowering effective educational leadership, staff and lay leaders.

Building Capacity

By building the capacity of future principals and leaders, we can ensure better educational outcomes for years to come.

Training Teachers

We train and mentor young teachers in the skills they need to directly impact student achievement.

Creating Community

We engage parents, lay leaders, and other educational stakeholders, to create an active and caring learning community where everyone gains.

Reaching Every Student

Setting and implementing rigorous educational standards and curriculums improves the quality of instruction for every student.

What Have We Accomplished to Date?

For nearly a decade, MEF has helped educators, schools and the greater community deliver the highest quality education to their students by establishing a culture of excellence in Chabad schools. We are proud to have become the voice of parents and educators in advocating for the positive educational experience that all children deserve.

students in 45 cities on 5 continents have better Chinuch

Educators have been empowered to actualize their students' potential

children benefited from standards based learning in their classrooms

principals in 33 schools have developed their skills as school leaders

Featured Video: The Educator's Privilege

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