הזורעים בדמעה ברנה יקצורו Avodas Hachinuch: Anticipating a Bountiful Harvest Mrs. Risha Majesky, Principal, Bais Chana High School, Phoenix, AZ

Chabad Chinuch Convention 5783

Teach & Reach

“Teach and Reach,” the Menachem Education Foundation's (MEF) professional Mechaneches training program, was created with Mrs. Dena Gorkin, famed educator, founder and principal of Bnos Chomesh High School in Crown [...]

Insight Interview

In this resource, a project is assigned to help students make meaning of a new challenge while practicing important academic skills. Students can do "Insight Interview" at any point during or after the historic coronavirus pandemic, to practice community-building, journalism, creative expression, and experience how history is made.

Chinuch Unpaused

Education has faced its most daunting crisis in our times with the Covid-19 school shutdown and subsequent challenges. When the whole world pressed pause, Chabad Chinuch pressed play. In this publication, we tell the story of countless educators who turned crisis into opportunity, and never put Chinuch on hold.

Standards For Teaching

What are our goalposts as educators, especially when beginning our journey in the classroom? This document outlines 4 areas of teaching proficiency and examples of what proficiency looks like in each area. Use this as your own guidebook to grow as a teacher, or as a point of reference for teacher coaching or supervision.

Revisiting Education

Chinuch today is more complex than ever with never-before-seen challenges facing our youth. Parents and educators struggle to find way to inspire our children with the same fire and passion that has long sustained Chassidishe Chinuch through the generations. As the greater Chabad community questions and debates how to reinvigorate our Chinuch system, it is imperative to find answers to the core issues we are facing. MEF commissioned JLI’s Machon Shmuel, the Sami Rohr Research Institute division, to study a few of the most pressing Chinuch questions educators face today and draw up a comprehensive report of its findings.

Healthy, Happy, Frum

by Mrs. Dena Gorkin (as told to Chanie Gorkin) This article has been excerpted from "Healthy, Happy, Frum: A veteran Mechaneches shares her insight into effective Chinuch", which appeared in issue number four of the BR Embrace magazine. To view in full or subscribe to the magazine, visit

A Teacher’s Role During Covid-19

By Yanki Raskin LMSW, The role of a mechanech goes beyond teaching skills and text. While this is always true, during these times of change and uncertainty, this aspect of our role takes on a new meaning; the context and environment of our teaching is fertile ground and is calling upon us to use this opportunity to engage and be of service to our students in ways that can and b’ezras Hashem will make a lasting educational impression upon them.

By Leaps and Bounds: A Pesach Message

By Rabbi Zalman Shneur, The name of the upcoming Yom Tov of Pesach derives from the word meaning “and Hashem will leap over.” Rashi in his commentary explains further: “The festival is called Pesach because of [Hashem’s] leaping.... Therefore, perform all its aspects in a manner of bounding and leaping.” Pesach has a special characteristic of leaping beyond the boundaries of regular limitations.

Teaching Our Students How to Think

By Rabbi Shais Taub, The name of the upcoming Yom Tov of Pesach derives from the word meaning “and Hashem will leap over.” Rashi in his commentary explains further: “The festival is called Pesach because of [Hashem’s] leaping.... Therefore, perform all its aspects in a manner of bounding and leaping.” Pesach has a special characteristic of leaping beyond the boundaries of regular limitations.

Parshas Hashavua: Aiming Higher

By Mrs. Chanah Rose, Parsha. It’s a spiral that takes us higher each year, revisiting familiar stories on deeper levels, with new relevance for the new year. In schools, we need to make sure that Parsha class is indeed a spiral that cycles upwards, and not mainly repetition. Parsha is perhaps the only subject which is taught consistently from preK all the way up through high school, so it takes effort and intentionality to teach it each year in a way that’s new.

Name of Candidate: Malka Azarian

[email protected] Position Seeking:  Administrative Assistant, Secretary Would consider working in: Crown Heights, New York City Area Other Specifications: Full Time Current or most recent position in Chinuch: Elementary School Teacher in L.A.

Educators: Heed the Rebbe’s Call This Summer

The Menachem Education Foundation Second Annual Summer Seminar - Registration Now Open. Time and again, the Lubavitcher Rebbe called for summer vacation to be used for “fortifying and expanding the [...]

Zekelman Standards Website Launch

The Zekelman Standards for Judaic Studies, which bring learning standards and accountability to teaching Chumash and Gemara, are now online for any principal, teacher or interested parent to browse. The [...]

Eisenberg Award Recognizes a Great Teacher

By Rena Udkoff At a recent teacher appreciation event, the Menachem Education Foundation (MEF) honored Rabbi Yehoshua Einbinder, a 5th grade melamed at Yeshiva Darchai Menachem, with the prestigious Eisenberg [...]

Event Celebrates Shlichus of Chinuch

By Rena Udkoff   On Rosh Chodesh Kislev, one hundred and twenty educators gathered in Crown Heights for a celebration organized by the Menachem Education Foundation. The annual event, coordinated to coincide [...]

Teachers Train Online

by Rena Greenberg   Teachers from around the world are taking advantage of a new opportunity to gain vital skills for success in the classroom. The Menachem Education Foundation’s Teacher [...]

Zekelman Standards on the West Coast

by Rena Udkoff as seen in "The Jewish Home L.A." On August 11, a groundbreaking seminar by the Menachem Education Foundation (MEF), co-hosted by Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy and Emek [...]

Name of Candidate: Rabbi Mordechai Wecker

215-429-3215, [email protected] Would like to work with: Grades 4-8, High School, Mesivta/Zal Position Seeking:   Main Teacher, School Leadership / Instructional Leadership Would consider working in: Anywhere in the United States Other Specifications: [...]

Surprise Award for L.A. Principal, MEF Consultant

by Rena Greenberg   What started out as a typical school day turned into the surprise of a lifetime for Cheder Menachem principal Rabbi Menachem Mendel Greenbaum. At a school-wide assembly, [...]

Back to School for Teachers

With the school year just beginning, it's not only the children who are heading back to school. Teachers are also brushing up on their skills and knowledge, thanks to training [...]

100 Educators Become Chumash Students

Is covering posuk after posuk all there is to teaching Chumash? Should a teacher skip "dikduk rashis," or is Rashi really for the "ben chamesh limikra?" Does trop teach us [...]

Job Fair Turnout Shows Chinuch is “In”

A recent Chinuch Job Fair arranged by the Menachem Education Foundation (MEF) drew over one hundred educators, and featured opportunities in 26 schools in the United States as well as [...]

Why Now?

Old-fashioned tactics, frontal teaching methods and rote memorization are de rigueur in more Jewish day schools than we would dare believe. Technology and modern methodology have revolutionized the way we [...]