Insight Interview

In this resource, a project is assigned to help students make meaning of a new challenge while practicing important academic skills. Students can do "Insight Interview" at any point during or after the historic coronavirus pandemic, to practice community-building, journalism, creative expression, and experience how history is made.

Chinuch Unpaused

Education has faced its most daunting crisis in our times with the Covid-19 school shutdown and subsequent challenges. When the whole world pressed pause, Chabad Chinuch pressed play. In this publication, we tell the story of countless educators who turned crisis into opportunity, and never put Chinuch on hold.

Standards For Teaching

What are our goalposts as educators, especially when beginning our journey in the classroom? This document outlines 4 areas of teaching proficiency and examples of what proficiency looks like in each area. Use this as your own guidebook to grow as a teacher, or as a point of reference for teacher coaching or supervision.

Revisiting Education

Chinuch today is more complex than ever with never-before-seen challenges facing our youth. Parents and educators struggle to find way to inspire our children with the same fire and passion that has long sustained Chassidishe Chinuch through the generations. As the greater Chabad community questions and debates how to reinvigorate our Chinuch system, it is imperative to find answers to the core issues we are facing. MEF commissioned JLI’s Machon Shmuel, the Sami Rohr Research Institute division, to study a few of the most pressing Chinuch questions educators face today and draw up a comprehensive report of its findings.

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