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What is the Menachem Education Foundation?

The Menachem Education Foundation, or MEF, champions every Chabad child so that he or she can and will have an excellent Chabad Education.  We recruit the best and brightest into the field of Chinuch, train and mentor educators and school leaders, and continue to work with all the stakeholders in the chinuch world to build a chinuch system where all Chabad children can thrive to their fullest potential and graduate with the tools that they need to live as a Chabad Chassid today.

Who runs Menachem Education Foundation? Who endorses it?

MEF was founded by Rabbi Zalman Shneur in 2008 and now comprises of a growing team of full time staff, educational experts and consultants. The organization is guided by the expert advice of a Board of Directors and a Vaad Ruchni. Menachem Education Foundation is endorsed by all the major Chabad schools and over 40 Chabad principals.

Why is the Menachem Education Foundation needed?

There is an urgent need for quality educators and learning resources, greater professionalism, and better systems within the Chabad community in order to achieve the best possible education for our children. MEF was created to address these specific challenges that the Chabad educational world faces, while leaving sensitive religious and cultural traditions intact. We look to improve and enhance the Chinuch system in a way that coincides with our community’s ideals and values. Drawing from the best and most current educational models and resources available, our programs have enjoyed successful implementation in even the most insular institutions, creating a self-reinforcing cycle of positive change. MEF aims to build on this momentum, and provide Chabad educators, schools and students with a framework within which to strive for excellence.

Who does Menachem Education Foundation service?

MEF primarily serves Chabad boys’ and girls’ elementary schools in North America, as well as other English-speaking countries. Our vast array of programs can, and have been, adapted to extend to the entire Jewish educational world, from preschool through high school.

What does Menachem Education Foundation do?

MEF provides a wide array of educational programs and resources to address our community’s most urgent educational challenges. The depth and breadth of programs serve a diverse population of educators and school leaders and are tailored to meet the specific needs of today’s Chabad chinuch community.

At MEF, we have an uncompromising focus on student success. We accomplish this goal by working through Chabad schools, and empowering effective educational leadership, staff and lay leaders. We offer a range of support to the chinuch world, from strategic advice to personalized school improvement programs, to events that celebrate and inspire educators. Our multi-pronged approach and various services empower Chabad schools and help bring educational excellence to every Chabad student.

MEF services include:

  •        Teacher Induction Program: Two comprehensive training programs for men and women educators to develop and mentor young teachers in the skills they need to become master teachers and directly impact student achievement.
  •        Teacher Coaching Program: A training program for experienced educators to train them in effective peer coaching for other teachers, giving them the mentoring techniques to help beginning teachers succeed in the classroom.
  •        Zekelman Standards: The acclaimed Zekelman Standards in Chumash and Talmud, which set rigorous educational standards for Judaic subjects, improves the quality of instruction for every student. The internally developed standards are supported by a full deployment package and coaching. ZekelmanStandards.org provides free downloads of the Standards, and offers educators and schools teaching resources and tools.
  •        Leadership Training Program: MEF’s school leadership programs provide rigorous, high-quality leadership development for educational leaders. The programs train aspiring principals who can fill vacancies in principalships in Chabad Schools, as well as current principals who want to strengthen their own practice, knowledge, and skills on behalf of their schools. By building the capacity of future principals and leaders, we can ensure better educational outcomes for students.
  •        Professional Development: MEF provides an extensive workshop and seminar portfolio to schools and educators and a means of furthering teachers’ and principals’ professional development. Designed for educators who are interested in building skills in a variety of topics, MEF’s workshops involve active learning and are focused on application and outcomes.
  •        Chabad Chinuch Convention: An annual convention to bring together those who work in Chinuch to draw strength and inspiration from each other through workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities. The convention and adjacent banquet celebrates educators and recognizes them for their vital work.
  •        Chinuch Awards: The Chinuch Awards were established as a means to highlight hardworking and dedicated Chabad educators and give the community a chance to honor and acknowledge the impact of the very best teachers–not only on their students but on the communities around them.
  •        Chinuch Placement: Personalized placement services and an annual Chinuch Job Fair helps schools fill positions with qualified educators, and guides aspiring educators to find their way into the classroom.
  •        Community Building Events: A wide range of events bring together those in Chinuch, creating an active and caring learning community where everyone gains.

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