At the heart of the Menachem Education Foundation (MEF) is the core belief that the community’s collective responsibility towards the Chinuch of our children must engage 100% of students, at 100% of their capacity, 100% of the time. Our mission is to be the best champions of Talmidim and Talmidos by working through Chabad schools, with an uncompromising focus on student success.

MEF has led a team of Mechanchim in formulating a concise, overarching “Vision for Chabad Schools,” to articulate goals for student outcomes, and to hold ourselves accountable at every step of the way.

The Vision is a living document and serves as a basic foundation to build and expound upon.

Vision for Chabad Schools

Every graduate of a Chabad school will:

  1. Possess the knowledge, values and strength of conviction to make and maintain a lifelong commitment to Torah and Mitzvos.

  2. Possess belief in Hashem and cultivate feelings of love, awe and trust in Him, and an awareness of His detailed and loving involvement in our lives.

  3. Strive to realize the vision of the Rebbe and of Chabad Chassidus, in their personal lives and in the world.

  4. Be an independent and literarily astute reader of Judaic texts in their original language.

  5. Have the personal and life skills necessary to lead a self-sustaining life in today’s world.

  6. Be an individual of refined character, showing consideration to others and extending both material and spiritual help.

  7. Face his or her life with a sense of joy, confidence, and personal empowerment.