What are our goalposts as educators, especially when beginning our journey in the classroom? This document outlines 4 areas of teaching proficiency:

  1. The Teacher: A Chassidishe Mechanech(es)
  2. The Students: Classroom Management and Student Rapport
  3. The Teaching: Lesson Planning and Delivery
  4. The Learning: Standards and Assessment

Each segment contains a list of standards and examples of what proficiency looks like in each area. Use this as your own guidebook to grow as a teacher, or as a point of reference for teacher coaching or supervision. Refer to the index at the end of the document for a quick reference of what great teaching looks like, and as a menu of areas for growth.


These standards for a Teacher Induction Program (TIP) graduate were created by Rabbi Zelly Silber, the Director of MEF’s Teacher Induction Program, and Mrs. Chanah Rose, the Educational Director of MEF. They were reviewed by members of MEF’s Vaad Hachinuch and leading Chabad educators. The TIP Standards are a product of our decade’s work in Chinuch and specifically our work with new teachers over the past five years. They are based in part on the pioneering work of Charlotte Danielson in her Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument.