A Second Chance for Chinuch at Its Best

If we do not consciously harness this energy to expand these critical efforts when we return to physical classrooms, it would be a missed opportunity.

Are Our Students on the Outside Looking In, or On the Inside Looking Out?

Today, Tes Adar, marks 80 years to the day that the Frerdiker Rebbe arrived in America. At that time, American Jewry was, borrowing the terminology of the Rashbatz, “on the outside,” but not necessarily looking to come in.

By Leaps and Bounds: A Pesach Message

by Rabbi Zalman Shneur, Founder and Executive Director of MEF The name of the upcoming Yom Tov of Pesach derives from the word meaning “and Hashem will leap over.” Rashi in his commentary explains further: “The festival is called Pesach because of [Hashem’s] leaping.... Therefore, perform all its aspects in a manner of bounding and leaping.” Pesach has a special characteristic of…

Which Child First?: A Pesach Message

Teachers are often faced with a dilemma when multiple children are clamoring for their attention: which child’s needs to address first? With limited time and resources, educators are forced to prioritize their responses based on the most urgent and pressing needs. The Rebbe addresses this dilemma with a question on the Haggadah, teaching us a valuable lesson in education. The…

There Is Always A Spring: A Pesach Message

In the world of Chinuch, parents and educators may not see the results of their extensive efforts through the droughts of “winter”. Pesach comes to teach us a lesson about boundless potential as spring looms on the horizon. “Observe the month of Spring and keep the Passover unto the L-rd your G-d, for in the month of Spring the L-rd…

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