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This time of year is marked by countdowns. Each day we carefully count the Omer as we eagerly approach Shavuos. For many students, an extra countdown is calculated as they anticipate their last day of school and the start of summer camp. But isn’t it ironic that at the time that we celebrate Zman Matan Torasainu, so many children are so eager to leave their classrooms?

At the giving of the Torah it was our children who were chosen as the guarantors to safeguard our Torah for generations. Today, that vital role is assumed by our mechanchim and mechanchos who work every day to inspire our children to make a lifelong commitment to Torah and mitzvos.

It is time to flip the end-of-year narrative on its head. Instead of using these weeks to wait for vacation, let’s take the time and show some hakaras hatov to the incredible educators who work 24/7 to transmit our Torah to the next generation and strive to realize the Rebbe’s vision for Chinuch.

Exemplary Teachers

We’ve all had a great teacher. That one teacher who inspired us, and helped us become who we are today. These inspirational people are not often recognized for the life changing role they have played. They are the touchstones to paths of achieving more than we might have otherwise accomplished, in directions we might not have gone. These are the teachers that captured the hearts of everyone they taught with their passion, fearlessness, sincerity, and true love for their students.

For these educators, teaching was never just a job; it was a gift.

The Chinuch Awards were established as a means to highlight these hardworking and gifted individuals. The prize serves to underline the importance of educators as we recognize and celebrate their efforts. The Awards acknowledge the impact of the very best teachers – not only on their students but on the communities around them.

Principals, you can nominate your hardworking employees who go above and beyond. Teachers, you can nominate your peers, and be sure to let your principal know about this opportunity as well.  Parents, nominate your child’s teacher and show them how much they matter!

A committee of veteran Mechanchim and Mechanchos will choose two award recipients (one man and one woman) and the public announcement will take place at a ceremony, as part of the Chabad Chinuch Convention on 4 Tammuz/ July 10th. Awardees will receive a monetary prize of $3,600 each and be acknowledged internationally.


Tell us about a teacher who stands above the rest! Visit www.mymef.org/thankyou  and let us know why you think they should win. The teacher will be chosen based on his or her ability to bring MEF’s “Vision for Chabad Schools” to life.

MEF’s “Vision for Chabad Schools” is comprised of seven overarching goals – encompassing values, skills and character – for graduates of Chabad schools. Teacher-nominee must have instilled in his or her students one or more of these values through his or her teaching. (See image below)

Each nominee must meet the following criteria:

  • Teacher of any subject, grades 1-12, in a Chabad school.
  • Spends more than 10 hours a week in a classroom.
  • Three or more years of teaching experience.
  • Communicates the core principles of MEF’s “Vision for Chabad Schools” and effectively integrates the Vision into his or her teaching through innovative teaching methods.

The closing date for nominations is 4 Sivan/June 10. Finalists will be announced on 11 Sivan/June 17.

THE CHINUCH AWARDS were established by the Menachem Education Foundation to raise the stature of those in Chinuch, through recognizing exceptional teachers who have made a real impact on the lives of our children. Awardees are chosen based on their ability to bring to life MEF’s “Vision for Chabad Schools”. The reward is open to current Chabad educators, grades 1 – 12, currently teaching any subject for at least 10 classroom hours a week. Teachers must have three or more years of teaching experience. Awardees will receive a monetary prize and be acknowledged internationally.

For more information about the Awards or the work of the Menachem Education Foundation, call Rivka at (718) 663-7215 or email [email protected]