Students from Morristown who haven’t graduated yet can claim this accomplishment: Publishing a book currently sold on Amazon.

How many authors do you know under Bar Mitzvah? Morristown now boasts 10 such writers.

Available for sale on Amazon, “The Missing Principal” (CreateSpace, 88 pages) was written and published by 4th graders of Cheder Lubavitch Morristown, led by Rabbi Yossi Zeidman.

In “The Missing Principal”, Mendy gets a mysterious call from Rabbi Friedman, his principal. Mendy rushes to the school at night to find his principal has just gone missing! Every classroom he goes into brings Mendy to a different time period in Jewish history.

The scenes are based on subjects each grade is learning about. He meets Avraham in Kita Beis’s classroom, Dovid HaMelech in Kita Vov’s classroom, and so on. Mendy must search for his principal, and find his own way back home. Did Golias have something to do with Rabbi Friedman’s disappearance? Was it Nimrod?

Rabbi Zeidman enthusiastically explains the “Choose Your Own Story” description of the book. “I wanted to give each boy a chance to write in his own style and include his own ideas. In each chapter there are choices for the reader to make. Should Mendy trust the man he is speaking to? Should he try a different classroom? There are a number of different endings and many variations to the story. It makes it exciting. Each time you pick it up, it’s a different adventure!”


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