Morah Vail is an exceptionally devoted and beloved mechanches who constantly gives of her own time, money and resources to shower her students with the best introduction to Chinuch possible. With an innate ability to reach every single student, and an inner drive to do whatever is needed to ensure their success, Morah Vail helps her students blossom in an environment of unconditional acceptance and joy.

Widely admired for her ability to be completely aware of each student’s individual needs, Morah Vail helps each girl grow and maximize her potential. While one parent explains that she felt like her daughter “was the only one in the class,” another emphasized that it is Morah Vail’s “ability to relate and understand each child that is a gift to all her students.”
In addition to setting the foundation of her student’s Chumash learning journey, Morah Vail instills “major Jewish pride” with a love of Yiddishkeit that is imbued in every lesson and activity. Morah Vail teaches her students with the same passion with which she lives her own life, thereby setting the ultimate example of Middos, Ahavas Yisroel and Tznius. “She expects from them no less than for herself.”