A sought after expert in Gemara learning, Rabbi Wolf was instrumental in setting up innovative new programs for gemara learning throughout his school community. While students who come into his class may be hesitant to embrace Gemara learning, “by the end of the year students are very comfortable delving into Talmud and have come to enjoy it.” As a team leader of the gemara curriculum, Rabbi Wolf regularly collaborates with others and incorporates new ideas into his own teaching.Videos that he produced of the methodologies of teaching Gemara that he developed in his classroom have been viewed by hundreds of fellow teachers who seek to learn from his expertise.

For his own students, Rabbi Wolf takes a very personalized approach, making sure that each child gains on his own level. Interacting with his students both in and out of class, Rabbi Wolf coaches those who are lacking in confidence and personally guides them as they grow emotionally as well as in learning. Through reaching out and connecting with every single child in various ways, Rabbi Wolf helps them do well in his class, but more importantly, gives them a tremendous feeling of self-confidence that sets them on the path to future success. While typically only some students would develop their strengths from a personal relationship with their Rebbi, what is “amazing” about Rabbi Wolf’s class is that it is “across the board.”