19 03, 2021

Remembering the Past, to Empower Our Future

2021-03-19T10:12:53-04:00March 19, 2021|Blog Post, Staff|

A Pesach Message by Rabbi Zalman Shneur, Executive Director. Is a reminder of the darkness of slavery really necessary at a celebration of Freedom?  Yes, says the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Throughout the Seder night, we must actively retell the story of the Jewish People’s redemption from slavery to salvation by experiencing it for ourselves.

29 03, 2017

What Makes A Great Teacher? 5 Things I Learned from the Chinuch Awards

2021-02-22T12:28:59-05:00March 29, 2017|Blog Post, Staff|

  Last year, reading the submissions and making the reference calls for the Chinuch Award nominees was a tremendous privilege, and truly inspirational. I remember thinking about whether it would [...]


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