Unleashing the Power of Questions

Unleashing the Power of Questions


Questions are a powerful tool to drive student learning in any grade level. They have the capacity to raise the level of the thinking in the class, engage students, and give you valuable information about what your students have learned. In this webinar, learn about how to raise the level of the questions you ask your class, to unlock their full potential.


The webinar addresses:

  • Questioning as an effective teaching technique
  • Questioning strategies that ensure active engagement and whole-class involvement
  • Do’s and Don’ts in questioning – how to and how not to ask questions
  • Suggestions for how to respond to student questions
  • Research on how to create an environment that supports student questions
  • Discussion strategies
  • Examples and strategies for grades 1-12

Dr. Laya Salomon has taught every age group, from preschool through high school, before joining the faculty of Yeshiva University’s graduate school of Jewish Education. Dr. Salomon has presented at the Chabad Chinuch Convention and teaches and guides educators throughout the world.


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