Chumash Skills and How to Teach Them

Chumash Skills and How to Teach Them – Webinar Series


How do we teach Chumash in way that gives our students the ability to keep learning? The answer is by prioritizing skills over coverage. In this series, explore 6 different skill-sets for learning Chumash, based on the Zekelman Standards for Chumash. Along with each webinar, receive a treasure trove of resources and classroom ready materials to bring Chumash learning to life in your classroom!

With Dr. Sara Rosenfeld and Mrs. Chanah Rose MsEd


This series covers each of the six skill areas in the Zekelman Standards for Chumash, applying them to other subjects as well. Walk away from each with an understanding of a new skill set, equipped with multiple ways to bring it into the classroom. Register one by one or for the full, discounted package!

  1. The Bigger Picture (for teachers of Chumash, Navi, Parsha and Yahadus)
  2. Vocabulary: Keys to the Treasure (for any text based subject)
  3. Why Dikduk Matters (for any text based subject)
  4. Digging Deeper for True Comprehension (for any text based subject)
  5. Rashi and Meforshim (for teachers of Tanach)
  6. Ensuring Success for Each Student (all subjects)



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