Chabad Chinuch Convention 5781

מנוחה שלימה שאתה רוצה בה: 

Geulah in Our Lives and In Our Classrooms

Did you miss this year’s Kinus Mechanchos Chabad? Don’t worry, one full track was recorded for live and later viewing! You can purchase the recording of the full Zoom track, which includes:

  1. “A Geulahdike Classroom: Chinuch Through Connection, Not Control” Rabbi Yaakov K. Chaiton, acclaimed teacher trainer and parenting coach
  2. אין שמחה כהתרת הספיקות: Halacha and Hashkafa for Chinuch Dilemmas” Rabbi M. M. Gluckowsky, Rov of the Chabad community in Rechovot, S’gan Rosh Bais Din in Eretz Yisroel
  3. “Picture Book Power: How to Harness the Benefits of Jewish Books In Your Classroom” Mrs. Dena Rosenfeld, Author, Editor-in-Chief of Hachai Publishing
  4. Farbrengen: Doing the Rebbe’s Work on the Front Lines, Rabbi M. M. Gluckowsky, Rov of the Chabad community in Rechovot, S’gan Rosh Bais Din in Eretz Yisroel
  5. עוד ישמע בערי יהודה: Why and How to Talk About Bayis Yehudi”, Mrs. Sara Morozow, Kalla teacher, Bayis Yehudi teacher in Bais Rivkah High School
  6. “Bringing the Letters to Life: Teaching Kriah” Mrs. Nechamy Segal, M. S. Ed., Scenic Route Literacy
  7. “Tools for Achieving Menucha: Anxiety in Children and Adolescents” Dr. Oshra Cohen, clinical and school psychologist
  8. “Energized Living: From Golah to Geulah In Your Life and Classroom” Mrs. Shterni Ginsburg, Preschool Director, Gan Yisrael of Boro Park, and Author of Your Awesome Self

Also enjoy easy access to all Kinus general sessions unpacking this year’s theme, and the complete Gala Chinuch Banquet! A full packet of handouts, program guides, and other perks will be emailed to you as well.

If you registered for the Kinus Mechanchos this year, you do not need to purchase these recordings. Email [email protected] if you have not yet received them. 

Please purchase one set of recordings ($25) for person viewing. For group rates, joint PD sessions, etc., please contact us at [email protected].