The Zekelman Standards for Judaic Studies, which bring learning standards and accountability to teaching Chumash and Gemara, are now online for any principal, teacher or interested parent to browse.

The new and interactive website allows users to sign up and access the complete set of standards free of charge, and offers various support resources for their successful deployment for an annual fee.

Used in dozens of schools around the world, the Zekelman Standards have introduced transparency in the world of Torah education and have set a communal standard for what is to be expected to be learned in our schools and classrooms.

With the launch of the brand new, the pioneering project is now being made widely available to the greater Jewish school network on a user-friendly, virtual interface.

In the words of a first subscriber, Mrs. Batya Landes, the website “is an answer to a teacher’s dreams. The layout is clear and structured, and allows for distinct progress from year to year within each standard. The assessment tools will bring our school into a whole new phase.”

Click here to preview the Resources for the Zekelman Standards.

The standards are a project of the Menachem Education Foundation, and have been generously endowed by Mr. Alan Zekelman in honor of his late parents, Yechzekel ben Avraham Aharon and Rus bas Avraham. The launch of this exciting new website coincided with Mr. Zekelman’s father’s yartzeit. May the merit of bringing the skills for lifelong learning to thousands of Jewish students worldwide be l’iluy nishmaso.