Over 250 people attended the third annual Chabad Chinuch Job Fair last Sunday, March 15, 2000, hosted by the Menachem Education Foundation.  Over 40 Chabad schools, based in the United States and Canada, participated with separate hours for men and women.

“The energy and exuberance of the candidates radiated,” recounts Rabbi Zalman Schneur, director of the Menachem Education Foundation. “Many schools have positions to fill. The future of our community lies in making these connections and designing the best educational infrastructure for future generations of students.”

The 95+ job openings ranged from teaching and administrative positions to instructional designers and heads of school. Candidates met with school representatives, distributed resumes and scheduled sit-down interviews.

“It was awesome,” says Rabbi Avrom Tov Chakoff, Director of Dumbo Gan. “We received more leads from the Chabad Chinuch Fair than we have ever received through any other recruitment efforts in the past, and we are grateful to the Menachem Education Foundation for this service that they provide to the community.”



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