Passion for Chinuch Showcased at Annual Job Fair.

Dozens of current and prospective educators gathered on Sunday, April 3, for the fourth annual  Chinuch Job Fair. Hosted by the Menachem Education Foundation as a service to the community, the Chinuch event, which hosted separate hours for men and women, provided a venue for educators seeking positions and schools looking to hire to meet and network.

Job seekers were able to personally interact with prospective employers, with featured opportunities in # Chabad schools, based in the United States and Canada. The 100+ available positions ranged from teaching and administration to school leadership and curriculum development. MEF’s own opportunities for new teacher and leadership training were showcased as well. 

The large turnout for these opportunities showed that passion for education is alive and well in our community. 

“It is critical to our community’s future to have our best and brightest teaching in our schools,” explains Rabbi Zalman Shneur, founder and executive director of the Menachem Education Foundation, adding that he was impressed by both the quality and energy of this year’s candidates.

Attendees were provided with a directory of available jobs and applicants were able to walk from table to table to speak to prospective employers. Candidates met with school representatives, distributed resumes and scheduled sit-down interviews. The positive feeling in the room made it not only a productive but also an energizing experience for all involved.

“It was inspiring to see so many yungerleit come out and show their interest in ’Making Chinuch their Shlichus,’” says Shneur, referencing the organization’s motto. “The Job Fair’s goal was to encourage our community’s young talent to join the ranks of our esteemed Mechanchim and make a difference in children’s lives.”

With dozens of schools now connected with exciting new talent, they are well on their way to achieving their goal.

If you would like to view further positions in Chinuch, or fill positions in your school, you can continue the search on MEF’s job placement website, For more information, please call Menachem’s office at 718-663-7215 or email [email protected], and visit us at



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