Chinuch Job Fair

Registration for the Job Fair 5776 is now CLOSED

To inquire about Job Fair 5777, call 718-663-7215 or email [email protected]!

We salute you for “Making Chinuch your Shlichus!”

Part of MEF’s mission is to get great teachers into the classroom. For this reason, we are dedicated to helping schools fill positions with qualified educators, and to helping aspiring educators find their way into the classroom.

Our 4th annual Chinuch Job Fair will take place on:

Sunday, April 3rd, 24 Adar II | Location: United Lubavitch Yeshiva; 570 Crown Street | Women’s hours: 3:00-5:45pm| Men’s hours: 6:00pm-8:45| Couple Interviews available.

How does the Job Fair work? Click here! | Are you a school looking to attend? Click here!

Register for the Chinuch Job Fair Below. $12 Pre-Registration- $18 at the door.

Seminary and Kollel Discount. Please email [email protected] for more information.

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