Take Your School to the Top!

With the Inquiry Program for Chabad Schools, put your school on the path to educational excellence.

What puts a school on the path to success? Great Teachers. Professional Development, so that the learning curve of exemplary teaching never ends. Systems and lessons designed to ensure that we reach every child. (Study by Mckinsey&Company, 2007)

Access all three for your school with MEF’s new Inquiry Program.  Form Inquiry Teams comprised of your top teachers; allow them to benefit from continuous training from top professionals in education; and set a process into motion of evaluating student learning, customizing educational practices and curricular materials, and problem solving that will ensure every student’s success.

Mandated city wide by the New York City Board of Ed, the Inquiry Cycle has been shown to send schools into an upward spiral of lasting school improvement. Teachers who are trained in the inquiry cycle will be prepared to lead other teachers in your school in the same process, ultimately making a difference school-wide.

This program has been designed to be self-sustaining, establishing a contagious habit of professionalism and growth throughout your school. Join the Inquiry Program for Chabad Schools and be on the way to taking your school to the top in educational excellence.

The Inquiry Program includes access to the Zekelman Standards for Judaic Studies and accompanying resources for your school!