How do you maximize their impact on every child in their care?

How can you empower your teachers, who are in the best position to make a difference for your students, to be the best teachers they can be? How can you ease their load, providing them with the tools for success, as well as your own as principal? The answer is the new Inquiry Program for Chabad Schools. Sign up today and provide your teachers with:

  • Regular professional development that works hand in hand with their day to day classroom experience.
  • Guidance in instructional decision making by top experts in the field on a regular basis.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with their colleagues, broadening their perspectives and gaining from one another’s insights and experience.
  • Tools and routines to make exemplary teaching the norm, taking the “overwhelm” out of their work as teachers.
  • The ability to establish learning standards, evaluate student performance, customize curriculum, and reach every child.

By signing on to the Inquiry Program for Chabad Schools, you will turn select teachers into a team that will access all of the above, setting out on the path of educational excellence and classroom success. After applying the process in their own classrooms, your teachers will also be given the ability to guide other teachers, making a difference school-wide.

Join the Inquiry Program for Chabad Schools, and make this year count:  for your teachers, for your students, for your school. Click here to sign up today.