Implementing educational standards improves the quality of instruction for every student.

MEF believes that all students should have the opportunity to master the academic skills necessary for self-sufficiency in Torah study, confident engagement with Torah text, and joyous pursuit of lifelong Jewish learning and living in all areas. The Zekelman Standards for Judaic Studies were created to make these goals a reality, for EVERY child, in EVERY school.

The revolutionary Zekelman Standards have introduced accountability in the world of Torah education and have set a new communal standard for what is to be expected to be learned in our schools and classrooms. The initiative allows teachers and students to set clear goals and create steps to meet them, opening the door to transparent and purposeful assessment of student learning.

The Zekelman Standards have had a grand scale impact on the entire Torah educational community by initiating a critical conversation around the need for standards and how to use them. Today, the publicly available Standards are more accessible and customizable than ever before.

“With these new tools, educators can teach children Torah in a way that enables and inspires them to continue to learn it, and live it, for life.”