Menahelei Moisdos Chinuch Training Retreat – Iyar

Menahelei Moisdos Chinuch Training Retreat – Iyar

Making social, mental and emotional wellness an integral part of every Talmid’s success.

Join the two-day retreat to:

  • Learn how to create a culture of wellness at your school
  • Hear from leaders in the field
  • Troubleshoot Chinuch Challenges
  • Connect and collaborate with peers 
  • Visit the Yeshivah Schools of Pittsburgh to uncover best practices in teaching and learning 

Program Facilitators:

Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum is a veteran educator, principal and CEO of blue-ribbon winning Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh. Rabbi Rosenblum steers the content and development of the Zekelman Standards and acts as a senior advisor of MEF’s educational initiatives. Rabbi Rosenblum has contributed to numerous educational initiatives, including the Sefer Hamitzvos Chidon and Gemara Berura program, and is a sought after educational consultant.



Rabbi Mendy Greenbaum is head of school of Cheder Menachem and Bais Chaya Mushka of Los Angeles. He regularly directs and facilitates MEF’s principal and head of school training programs, and coaches teachers and principals alike. Rabbi Greenbaum is recipient of the Milken Jewish Education Award, and is one of the authors and trainers for the Zekelman Standards for Chumash. 





Rabbi Mendy Levin is head of school at Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia, one of America’s fastest growing Chabad schools. Having graduated MEF’s teacher, principal and head of school training programs, he now presents workshops for teachers and leaders alike, and serves as a coach to many new principals.





Monday – Tuesday כ’’ב – כ’’ג אייר תשפ’’ב / May 23 – 24, 2022

Hosted by Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh

Pricing Options:

$349 Regular Price

Special Discount: First 10 to sign up receive $50 off, and can register for only $299!

*Please Note: Registration closes ט”ו אייר תשפ”ב / May 16, 2022 – one week prior to the retreat.


  • Accommodations: Participants will stay at host families arranged by MEF. If you wish to book a hotel room you are welcome to do so, or reach out to us and we can help you.
  • Sessions will take place at the Yeshivah Schools of Pittsburgh.

More details coming soon. 

*This retreat is the second in a four-part series of training retreats for Menahelim of Chabad schools and Yeshivos.  The first retreat took place in February, and upcoming retreats will take place in the summer and fall of the coming year. Even if you didn’t attend the first retreat, you can still sign up to be part of the 9th cohort of the acclaimed Chabad School Leadership Program!


May 23 2022

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: May 23 2022
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