The Menachem Education Foundation (MEF) is at the forefront of upgrading educational standards in the community. Their Teacher Training Program (TTP) under the co-direction of Rabbi Mendy Yusevitch and Rabbi Levi Eisenberg, was created to ensure quality education by providing participants with cutting-edge educational theory and new techniques. To date, the program has graduated over sixty teachers improving Jewish education across the country.

This year, thirteen ambitious participants joined the program to benefit from the professional training program. The course has been updated with a focus on first year teachers of elementary students. These formative years are the foundational stage of child education, and the need for skilled and proficient teachers is vital for the proper development of every child.

The TTP curriculum teaches trainees how to build academic skills, keep students interested, and detect strengths and weaknesses. Engaging workshops begin with teaching the basics – how to prepare, plan, and execute in the classroom. As the course progresses, the teachers are introduced to increasingly advanced methods to enhance classroom efficiency and monitor individual progress. The program places heavy emphasis on student assessments, particularly Data Driven Instruction.

Presentations for the TTP program are given by a wide range of instructors, from pioneers in the educational profession to young teachers who add innovation and creativity to the program. The instructors are carefully chosen to represent a wide spectrum of philosophies and theories, giving the teachers comprehensive exposure to modern education.

Even the best philosophies cannot substitute real life experience. To combine theory with practical application, some TTP students intern daily in actual classroom as part of a newly initiated mentoring track. Following outstanding results in its trial phase, the mentoring track is now a core component of the training workshops. In this program, the trainees acquire experience through working with weaker students who struggle in non-focused classroom environments. The teachers-in-training are guided by specialized mentors from the Jewish New Teacher Project, a partnership which has been successful on many levels. By learning through experience and practical application, our graduates develop the skills and knowledge to achieve full potential in their future classrooms.

Through making proper and pre-planned investment in teacher development there are maximized returns in educational quality. The result is long term and lasting gains throughout the child’s life.

Founded in 2008, the Menachem Education Foundation is bringing revolutionary change to religious Jewish education by creating and promoting professional educational practices. Through our Teacher Training Program, Principal Leadership Program and Standards & Data Driven Instruction Program, we are inspiring educators to grow, to innovate, to nurture, and to apply the best practices of education to their students,

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