Twenty Menahelim from across the US met for two days in Atlanta, Georgia, for the 8th cohort of the Menachem Education Foundation’s (MEF) Menahelei Mosdos Chinuch Training Retreat. Centered on the goal to train principals of boys’ schools and yeshivos how to be an educational leader, and drive the Chinuch in their moisad, participants learned how to troubleshoot current Chinuch challenges, as well as professional communication and leadership skills. 

“Thank you MEF for organizing the retreat,” shared Rabbi Levi Berger, Vice Principal of Tomchei Temimim Montreal, Canada. “I gained a lot and hope to use the valuable information I learned to enhance my Shlichus in Chinuch. It was a pleasure to meet such an amazing group of  Menahelim, and I look forward to continued collaboration for our students’ success.”

The workshops were facilitated by Rabbi Mendy Greenbaum, Head of School at Cheder Menachem and Bais Chaya Mushka of Los Angeles. He regularly directs and facilitates MEF’s school leadership training programs, and coaches teachers and principals alike. Rabbi Greenbaum is a recipient of the Milken Jewish Education Award, and is one of the authors and trainers of MEF’s Zekelman Standards for Chumash. 

The program began early Monday morning at Chabad of Atlanta with workshops on the topics of “The Theory of Change,” leadership and realistic goal setting. Afternoon sessions offered a comprehensive view of professional consultancy protocols. 

A lavish dinner program was held at the home of Mrs. Dassie and Rabbi Isser New, Executive Director of CMCH Elementary, and featured guest speaker Rabbi Ari Sollish, noted author, lecturer, founder and director of the Intown Jewish Academy in Atlanta. He addressed the Menahelim in a talk titled: “Chinuch: The Call of the Hour, the Mesiras Nefesh of our Times.” 

On Tuesday, the Menahelim toured and observed classes at the Chaya Mushka Children’s House (CMCH) Elementary, a thriving Chabad elementary and middle school in Atlanta Georgia, to learn from their best educational practices. Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman, Shliach of Chabad Intown Atlanta, led the afternoon workshops focused on: setting goals and expectations, delegation, empowerment, accountability, conflict resolution and team development. 

Mrs. Leah Sollish, Principal of CMCH Elementary, shared, “It was an honor to host the MEF principals retreat in our moisdos, especially the learning walkthrough at CMCH Elementary and Middle School. The program was well organized by MEF and we feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from so many talented leaders in Chinuch.”