A recent Chinuch Job Fair arranged by the Menachem Education Foundation (MEF) drew over one hundred educators, and featured opportunities in 26 schools in the United States as well as internationally.

This event provided a venue for educators seeking positions and schools looking to hire to meet and network. Jobs under discussion ranged from administration and development to school leadership and curriculum development, and MEF’s opportunities for new teacher and leadership training were showcased as well.

The turnout for these opportunities showed that passion for education is alive and well in our community.

Participants were glad to note that “that there are so many mosdos chinuch in and out of Crown Heights, and so many opportunities,” and, on the flipside, that “so many yungeleit are looking for a job in chinuch.”

“It was a good opportunity to get visibility for our school in the Chabad community,” said one school representative, and another, “the Job Fair made my job a bit easier.”

The MEF team, led by Job Fair Coordinator Mrs. Tzirl Goldman, provided attendees with a directory of available jobs and arranged the space, generously provided in the Razag Ballroom, to allow applicants to walk from table to table to speak to prospective employers. The positive feeling in the room made it not only a productive but also a pleasant experience for all involved.

One educator’s comment summed up the impressions of many: “The Job Fair was very efficiently run and I was very pleased that I attended… It’s important that people know what jobs are available so that they can plan for the next year, and the Job Fair gave me that information in one afternoon.”

MEF encourages our community’s talent to “Make Chinuch Your Shlichus™,” and this event was one of its many initiatives to assist those who do so. If you would like to view further positions in Chinuch, or fill positions in your school, you can continue the search on MEF’s job placement website, www.mymef.org/jobs.


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