Over 100 educators from Chabad schools across the tri-state area and beyond gathered Wednesday evening, April 17, 2013 for an educational job fair. Hosted by the Menachem Education Foundation as a service to the community, the inaugural job fair allowed job seekers to meet prospective employers and network with other educators in the field. “The positive energy in the room was palpable,” says Rabbi Zalman Shneur, founder and executive director of the Menachem Education Foundation. “It was so refreshing to see dozens of young people passionate about making chinuch their shlichus. It is critical to our communities future to have our best and brightest teaching in our schools.” With over 17 schools represented and 40 positions available principals had the opportunity to network and interview prospects to join their staff. Feedback from the professional event has been unanimously positive as the job fair filled a very real need for both schools and individuals interested in teaching positions. Principals were able to connect to heads of other schools and were invited to collaborate and visit other schools for classroom observations. Principals also had the unique opportunity to sit with multiple candidates in quick succession, allowing administrators to brainstorm how co-teachers might work out and what key competencies each candidate could bring to the table. Every school walked away with at least a few potential leads to pursue. “The fair was outstanding,” says Rabbi Shimi Traurig, administrator at Tomchei Tmimim Montreal. “I’ve attended many trade shows in the course of conducting my business, this job fair was well attended by impressive candidates. We feel confident we will fill the two full time teaching positions that we have for the upcoming year with professional teachers, thanks to the Menachem Education Foundation.”


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