Putting it All Together - Elementary

Putting it All Together – Elementary


Teaching Chumash is comprised of so many different components: text skills, language and dikduk, Rashi and meforshim, and, most importantly, Hashkafa. How is it possible to combine all of these necessary skills and knowledge into one cohesive lesson? Experience a model lesson that ties all theses educational goals together and addresses the varying areas of the Zekelman Standards.


Elementary School Model Chumash Lesson – with Dr. Sara Rosenfeld

Dr. Sara Rosenfeld, EdD, served as a teacher and director of curriculum at Yeshiva – Beth Rivkah Colleges in Melbourne, AU and is one of the authors and lead consultants for the Zekelman Standards. An author of numerous Judaic and Chassidus curricula and workbooks, Dr. Rosenfeld is sought after as a presenter, a mentor, and Jewish educational consultant around the world. She has presented on the UBD framework for MEF and Torah Umesorah, and gives teacher training courses at Adass Israel Seminary in Melbourne.


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