Chumash Skills and How to Teach Them – Webinar Series


5 part series based on the Zekelman Standards for Chumash (and Tanach)

with Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum and Rabbi Mendy Greenbaum

How do we teach Chumash in way that gives our students the ability to keep learning? The answer is by prioritizing skills over coverage. In this series, explore 5 different skill-sets for learning Chumash, based on the Zekelman Standards for Chumash. Along with each webinar, receive a treasure trove of resources and classroom ready materials to bring Chumash learning to life in your classroom!


5 part series based on the Zekelman Standards for Chumash (and Tanach)

1) Vocabulary: The Keys to the Treasure with Rabbi Rosenblum – Appropriate for all text based subjects, based on Standard 3: Vocabulary and Language Skills.

Word learning and and overview of the parts of speech form Part 1 of two sessions on vocabulary and language, the key to unlocking the learning. Independent learning – here we come!

2) Why Dikduk Matters with Rabbi Greenbaum – Appropriate for all text based subjects, based on Standard 3: Vocabulary and Language Skills.

In part 2 of language skills, learn how to use a true understanding of language to uncover the meaning of the Pesukim, and how to empower your students to do the same. Independent learning – here we come!

3) Digging Deeper for True Comprehension with Rabbi Rosenblum: Appropriate for all text based subjects, based on Standard 4: Comprehension.

Just because they can translate the Pesukim, does that mean they understand it? Learn how to build and check for comprehension, and how to incorporate the higher order thinking skills needed to make the learning real and lasting.

4) Rashi and Meforshim with Rabbi Rosenblum: Based on Standards 5 and 6: Rashi and Meforshim. Delving into Rashi and Meforshim is an opportunity to learn how to learn. Explore how to make this layer of learning Chumash (or Na”Ch) integrated with the text itself, so that the students understand the question, the answer, and how we get there.

5) The Bigger Picture with Rabbi Greenbaum: Appropriate for teachers of Chumash, Parsha and Navi, based on Standards 1: Torah Shebichsav Essentials, and Standard 2: Content

When teaching,  it is important to take a step back, and focus on the Hashkafic and other foundations that we may hold for granted and form the foundations for learning. Additionally, teaching content is not so simple as it seems. Learn how to give students a comprehensive understanding of the big picture of what they are learning.


Rabbi Mendy Greenbaum: As Principal of the high performing Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles, CA, and recipient of the Milken Jewish Educator Award, Rabbi Greenbaum contributes to the content and integrity of MEF’s educational activities. As member of the Zekelman Standards Development Team, Rabbi Greenbaum presents and consults widely on their implementation.

Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum: A sought after educational consultant and workshop presenter, and principal of blue-ribbon winning Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, Rabbi Rosenblum acts as a senior advisor of MEF’s educational initiatives and is director of the Zekelman Standards Project. He consults with schools throughout North America on implementing standards based learning.


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