The Menachem Education Foundation’s Kadima L’Chinuch Teacher Training program culminated on Yud Tammuz / June 29, with a moving graduation ceremony and meaningful farbrengen at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Crown Heights.

Over the past three months, 20 aspiring Mechanchim, who are exceptionally skilled and passionate about Chinuch, participated in the three-month intensive Kadima L’Chinuch teacher training program. Directed by Rabbi Levke Kaplan, Menahel of Cheder Chabad of Monsey, NY, participants received individualized mentorship, attended over 30 courses, and had 100 hours of hands-on classroom experience in classrooms at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, Oholei Torah and Darchei Menachem in Crown Heights. The program provided them with the instruction, guidance and tools to become successful Mechanchim for the upcoming school year.

Rabbi Levke Kaplan opened the graduation ceremony with a warm welcome and excitement about the success of the program. Rabbi Yosef Simpson, Principal of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Crown Heights, who played an instrumental role in arranging the Kadima L’Chinuch program and teaching vital Chinuch skills to the participants, addressed the crowd by reading a letter of the Rebbe encouraging a Mechanech.

In the spirit of a Hakhel gathering, attendees heard a beautiful Dvar Torah which connected Yud Bais Tammuz and Chinuch, by Kadima L’Chinuch graduate, Rabbi Yehoshua Resin. He eloquently expressed how the essence of Chinuch is when a Melamid transmits the essence of Torah, a level beyond understanding, to his students, so that they feel a deep connection and Kabolas Ol to Hashem and His Torah.

Rabbi Moshe Sperlin, another graduate of the program, shared how he never imagined pursuing Chinuch, but with time began to see the immense value in it. He shared how he notices how much young bachurim today are thirsting for connection, and how he hopes to take the skills he learned from the Kadima L’Chinuch program to give that to them.

To encourage the emerging Mechanchim as they begin to prepare for their first full year in the classroom, Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, son of Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, A”H, and esteemed 8th grade Principal, inspired the crowd with lessons he learned when he was a new Mechanech when it came to finding resources and meeting challenges that arose during the year.

“Know that the future of the Lubavitcher Bachurim is in your hands,” he told the graduates. “The Zechus is great and the Achrayus is great and may you have Hatzlacha Rbba Umuflagah.”

Rabbi Zalman Shneur, Executive Director of the Menachem Education Foundation, which organized the Kadima L’Chinuch program, shared how each of the thirty three trainers and eighteen mentors, all currently teach in Lubavitcher schools.

“Our community is rich,” Rabbi Shneur stated. “We don’t need to look outside for our own development.”

Each participant received an award and a chance to share their reflections and gratitude on the guidance that the Kadima L’Chinuch program provided them, as they are each about to embark on the Shlichus of Chinuch.

The Menachem Education Foundation awarded generous stipends to the graduates, and worked to find Chinuch positions for each participant for the upcoming school year, so that they could take the skills they learn to give success in learning to their students.

Graduate Rabbi Uziel Weinstein shared that what he found unique about Kadima L’Chinuch is that most teacher training programs are expensive, whereas the participants of Kadima L’Chinuch were awarded a generous stipend to jumpstart their Shlichus of Chinuch.

“I felt that the course was given in a very enjoyable, engaging and practical way, and will Iy”H translate into the classroom for all of us,” reflected graduate, Rabbi Dovid Kastel, when called up to the podium.

Graduates of the program will be teaching in schools and Yeshivos in Chicago, Crown Heights, Montreal and Los Angeles, amongst other communities, for the 5784 school year.

Since the Menachem Education Foundation set out to meet their goal of training new teachers after their annual Charidy campaign, Rabbi Shneur extended a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Alan Zekelman and the rest of the donors who made Kadima L’Chinuch possible. He also thanked Rabbi Zalman Friedman of Darchei Menachem, Rabbi Yosef Simpson, of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, and Sara Varon and Chanah Rose of the Menachem Education for their involvement in making the program a success, and bringing new talent into Lubavitch schools for the upcoming year.

The evening culminated with a farbrengen led by Mashpia, Rabbi Osher Farkash, of Yeshiva Gedolah in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in honor of the Chag HaGeulah Yud Bais and Yud Gimmel Tammuz.

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