Mrs. Nami Friedman

As the Principal of grades 1-6 at the Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, Mrs. Nami Friedman is responsible for managing policies, procedures and supervising Judaic studies teachers to ensure the whole child development of each student. Her duties include monitoring the social-emotional and behavior discipline domain of all students in grades 1-6, as well as scheduling, curriculum development, extracurricular activities and personnel management.

Mrs. Friedman has been prominent in implementing the anti-bullying program with a focus on social and emotional growth in students. She has worked with the teachers to implement Chumash standards and data based analysis for academic growth. She introduced a strong focus on kriah, which has improved the reading standards throughout the school.

Mrs. Friedman received her Bachelor of Arts from Sara Schenirer through the College of Mount Saint Vincent and her teaching diploma for Hebrew and Judaic Studies from Beth Rivkah Seminary in New York. She also earned a matriculation certificate with a distinction in biology from the Beth Jacobs Girls’ High School in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Over the last twenty two years, she has attended workshops, conferences, seminars and training sessions presented by the Menachem Education Foundation, the Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch Conference, the Lookstein Center Principal’s Program, the Agency for Jewish Learning sponsored by the Pittsburgh Jewish Federation, and Trauma Training presented by the Allegheny Health Network. Mrs. Friedman has twice been the Chairwoman of the International Kinus Mechanchos Chabad run by the Menachem Education Foundation. She has given presentations and lectured nationally and internationally. Mrs. Friedman has consulted with schools and mentored leadership as well as teachers.