At the celebratory farbrengen on Hei Teves 5747, the Rebbe emphasized a lesson for our Avodah from the whole ordeal. Part of the complaint was that Lubavitch isn’t a  גוף חי ופעיל – an active movement, ח”ו. Even after the case settled, the Rebbe emphasized that we must strengthen in the area where the complaint originally stemmed from – and go beyond and above in spreading the teachings of Chassidus. 

Mechanchim(os) show up every day and live this imperative of the Rebbe. ה’ טבת reminds us to ask ourselves if we can also strengthen our students’ abilities to be messengers of the teachings of Torah and Chassidus. 

The ideas are endless, from stories and mashalim to encouraging they share at the Shabbos table. And there is something else that works for each age level.

But it’s a day to ask ourselves:

How can I empower my students to be leaders in their own way, taking part in strengthening the efforts of fulfilling the Rebbe’s instructions, and bring about the ultimate geulah?