There are many versions of the question that is asked, “What is the miracle of Chanuka?”

Reading between the lines of its answers, perhaps we can say that Chinuch is the miracle of Chanuka.

  • The Chinuch that inspired Yidden to remain steadfast to our Mesorah despite outer and inner challenges.

  • The Chinuch that taught children to play dreidel in caves, not as a fun recess pastime, but as a cover-up to allow them to go back to learning Torah.

  • The Chinuch that pushed the Yidden to search for a pure jug of olive oil instead of compromising, and to hold on to the Bitachon that they would find one.

  • The Chinuch that passed the message of Chanukah down through the generations, until today.

You, the Mechanchim and Mechanchos, who lovingly taught your students about Chanuka, explored the stories and the deeper meanings, put effort into crafts and special activities, and ignited their spark to love this Yom Tov and everything that it holds – you are the present day miracle of Chanukah.