As we prepared for the Chinuch Job Fair, we found ourselves wondering what inspires people to get involved in Chinuch. To get the answer we turned to those we know who are not only involved in Chinuch, but do an incredible job.

Here are their answers:

“I wanted to educate children in the ways of the Torah and make a difference in their life.”

-Rabbi Zalman Friedman, 7th grade, Darchei Menachem.

“Chinuch has been in my family for generations. My parents, my grandparents, we always had a culture of Chinuch. Then when I got into it, I began to feel immense satisfaction, and when you feel good about something you want to do more.

The Gemara says and the Rebbe emphasized how someone who teaches a child is like giving birth to him. You are helping them form a connection with Hashem and become a Chossid, and you’re teaching them life skills on how to process and deal with life and learning. You help them become independent human beings and chassidim. As a teacher, you’re a partner with Hashem and with the parents. That is a true Shlichus.”

-Rabbi Zelig Silber, 5th grade, Cheder Chabad of Monsey.


“I felt I had a key to open up a child to allow them to develop and grow what they never knew they had in an optimistic, exciting and positive way.”

-7th grade Rebbi. 

“My wife and I had a number of offers for different types of shlichus in 1988.  We chose LYA in Longmeadow, MA.  At that time, most students were not Shomer Shabbos.  One factor in my choosing Chinuch at LYA, among several, is worth sharing:

Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan related that when he was head-counselor in Gan Yisrael Parksville in 1971, he accompanied the campers who were leaving after the first session back to Crown Heights.  While at 770, Rabbi Kaplan visited Rabbi Hadokov in his office.  Rabbi Hadokov asked Rabbi Kaplan “how many campers are enrolled in Jewish schools?”  Rabbi Kaplan answered that he didn’t know.  Rabbi Hadokov exclaimed that the primary purpose of camp was to encourage children to register in Jewish schools.  It was the head-counselors’ responsibility to know the number of campers in public school, and how many were planning on enrolling in Jewish schools for the new school year.”

-Rabbi Chaim Kosofsky, Curriculum Coordinator, Lubavitch Yeshiva Academy.

“I truly have emunah sheleimah that there is no other thing that the Aibishter wants me to do as a main Shlichus.  For the first 6 months, I had no clue what I was doing. Then, l I met my 2nd menahel, Rabbi Moishe Rodman, who took the time to train me, and I found out that I was given a real chush by Hashem, and it’s just rocketed since then.  I love what I do and don’t want to do anything else.”

-Rabbi Avraham Granat, 4th-8th grade, Hebrew Academy of Coral Springs.


“When I was six years old I had probably the best teacher of my entire school career. I think my tiny 6 year old mind understood the profound impact a teacher could make, and from that year on it was my dream to join the ranks of “the good ones.” 40 years later I met my teacher in an elevator and introduced myself. She remembered me and asked about all of my siblings and friends. Now that is a teacher!”

-Mrs. Dena Gorkin, Principal, Bnos Chomesh, Crown Heights. 


“I got involved in Chinuch, because I’m passionate about giving over the inspiration and creating a positive experience of learning Torah.”

-Mrs. Sara Overlander, 7th grade, Bais Chaya Mushka Toronto.


“It’s a great honor to be a teacher of young students because what they learn molds their mindset and behavior for life. I benefit even more from their innocence, optimism, and enthusiasm that inspire me daily.”

-Ms. Esty Newfield, 2nd grade, Beis Rivka


I can’t really say what motivated me to go into chinuch, it’s just what I did when I finished school, but what I can say is what keeps me in chinuch. Teaching brings meaning to my life. Knowing that I am making even a small difference in these children’s lives. Their honesty and desire to connect keeps me connected. Their smiles, triumphs, and efforts warm my heart and bring a smile to my face.

-Ms. Baily Vail, 1st grade, Beis Rivka.


“For the lightbulb moment. Watching a child’s face literally light up as they grasp a new concept and own it. Giving a child the gift of knowledge/understanding that will last them forever. You can’t put a price on that.”

-Mrs. Chana Tunk, Teacher/Assistant Principal, Cheder Morristown.


“Growing up in Crown Heights in such close proximity to the Rebbe, I felt that my Shlichus should be bringing that inspiration to the next generation.”

-Mrs. Chaya Sara Dalfin, Principal, Lubavitch Educational Center. 

You can choose Chinuch as your Shlichus.

Let us know in the comments why YOU chose Chinuch. We’d love to hear.