“Hishtalmus hamorim” is a fundamental ingredient to the success of teachers, and more importantly students, in the classroom. The MEF Workshop Series provides educators of all grade levels with professional development to hone teachers’ skills and re-energize their vital work. All of our curricula and lessons are imbued with the spirit and vision of Chabad Chinuch, based on tried and true educational methodology and are presented by leading Chabad educators with years of experience in the field. Schools and other educational institutions can enlist our services to provide their staff with high-quality workshops, in-service training, or supplemental professional development courses.

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Designed for educators who are interested in building skills in a variety of topics, our workshops involve active learning instead of passive lecturing and are focused on outcomes and application. Topics can be explored in three or six hour sessions and are taught through exciting, hands-on activities with real world application. Teachers walk away with activities and techniques they can immediately implement in their classrooms. MEF’s team is committed to creating the best in-service experience for your school, and building your staff’s teaching skills for more successful learning for all.

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[crumina_team_member style=”circle_small” photo=”14390″ name=”Rabbi Levi Feldman” description=”A highly skilled and experienced educator, Rabbi Feldman is a renowned “teacher’s teacher” who regularly shares his passion for advancing Torah education with others. Trained by the JNTP, he has personally mentored educators around the world and is currently leading MEF’s teacher coaching program.” soc_networks=”%5B%7B%22soc_network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]
[crumina_team_member style=”circle_small” photo=”14399″ name=”Rabbi Mendy Greenbaum” description=”As Principal of the high performing Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles, CA, and recipient of the Milken Jewish Educator Award, Rabbi Greenbaum contributes to the content and integrity of MEF’s educational activities.” soc_networks=”%5B%7B%22soc_network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]
[crumina_team_member style=”circle_small” photo=”14400″ name=”Rabbi Yosef Rosenblum ” description=”A widely esteemed educational consultant and principal of blue-ribbon winning Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, Rabbi Rosenblum steers the content and development of the Zekelman Standards and acts as a senior advisor of MEF’s educational initiatives.” soc_networks=”%5B%7B%22soc_network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]
[crumina_team_member style=”circle_small” photo=”14401″ name=”Rabbi Zelly Silber ” description=”A veteran teacher of 8 years at Cheder Chabad of Monsey, Rabbi Silber is himself an alumnus of MEF’s first TIP cohort and a sought after teacher, mentor and advisor. Today, he directs the men’s division of the TIP.” soc_networks=”%5B%7B%22soc_network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]
[crumina_team_member style=”circle_small” photo=”14402″ name=”Mrs. Blumie Gurevitz ” description=”A veteran educator with over a decade of experience with a variety of age groups, experienced teacher, mentor, curriculum coordinator and instructional leader at Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia, Mrs. Gurevitz was personally trained to lead the Teacher Coaching Program by its chief developer, Ms. Liz Gewirtzman.” soc_networks=”%5B%7B%22soc_network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]
[crumina_team_member style=”circle_small” photo=”14405″ name=”Ms. Chani Kramer ” description=”Chani Kramer began her educational career as an elementary school teacher for several years and then made the transition to teaching high school. She connects to her students and teaches the “whole” child. With over fifteen years of rich and varied experience, Chani has been utilizing her expertise to facilitate dynamic and thought provoking workshops both in person and online in MEF’s Teacher Induction Program.” soc_networks=”%5B%7B%22soc_network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]
[crumina_team_member style=”circle_small” photo=”14403″ name=”Mrs. Chana Rose ” description=”After nearly a decade as a teacher and curriculum director, Mrs. Rose has taken her passion for education to the next level in her role as MEF’s educational director, where she works with teachers, schools and other constituents to bring MEF’s lofty educational goals to life in the classroom. Mrs. Rose also leads the women’s division of TIP.” soc_networks=”%5B%7B%22soc_network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]
[crumina_team_member style=”circle_small” photo=”14670″ name=”Mrs. Shaindy Schapiro ” description=”Mrs. Shaindy Schapiro is a veteran educator. She was principal for many years in Yeshiva of Prospect Park, and is now Elementary Principal in Bnos Menachem School for Girls in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. ” soc_networks=”%5B%7B%22soc_network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]
[crumina_team_member style=”circle_small” photo=”14404″ name=”Dr. Chana Silberstein ” description=”Educational director of Chabad of Ithaca and former dean of curriculum at the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), Dr. Silberstein has over 25 years’ experience in education and curriculum development, and a PhD in experimental psychology from Cornell University.” soc_networks=”%5B%7B%22soc_network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]