Campaign Calls ‘Unite for Chinuch’

35 principals of Chabad schools and educational institutions across North America signed a letter of appeal to the Chabad community.

By COLlive reporter

It started with a small group of bochurim and yungeleit enrolled in a Teacher’s Training program…

It now has 137 alumni of both men and women’s teacher training, 39 graduates of its principal and leadership training programs, a website for Chumash standards and resources, and impact on schools in close to 40 cities around the world.

The exceptional achievements of the Menachem Education Foundation (MEF) have regularly been reported about on Their constant efforts to bring excellence in education to all Chabad children is well known by now.

That would explain why 35 principals and directors of Chabad schools and educational institutions across North America, Australia and South Africa united to write a letter of appeal in support of a campaign for the Menachem Education Foundation.

So far, the Foundation has impacted 4,700 children – but there are 15,000 children enrolled in Chabad schools, and they need your help to reach them all.

For the next 24-hours starting at noon Tuesday, MEF is attempting to raise $500,000 through

Three matching donors —Arora Nash Charity Foundation, Alan and Lori Zekelman and the MEF Chai Circle– will triple every dollar you donate in an all or nothing effort.

This is your chance to make a difference in Chinuch – a difference that is lasting and real, so take action and donate now. MEF needs you. Our children need you. The future of Chabad needs you, so #uniteforchinuch today.

Join the campaign for Chinuch at