The seventh annual Kinus Mechanchos Chabad, organized by the Menachem Education Foundation, will take place this summer in Stamford, CT.

The seventh annual Kinus Mechanchos Chabad, organized by the Menachem Education Foundation, will gather over 450 Mechanchos from 65 schools across the Chabad educational world, for two days of empowerment, networking and learning.

Taking place on י”ב – י”ג תמוז, July 11-12, 2022, at the beautiful Armon Hotel in Stamford, CT, the Kinus is a chance for educators to rejuvenate while gaining inspiration and practical tools for the year ahead. The program boasts a gala banquet, exquisite dining, full resource fair, workshops and speakers geared towards educators of every age and grade level.

“This is oxygen for our staff. It really gave us Chayus (energy) to be together with so many other Mechanchos to share and support,” shared Mrs. Basya Deitsch, Principal of Cheder Chabad New Haven, CT.

To honor the role of Chabad educators today, who give the same Torah-true Chinuch to a generation facing unprecedented challenges, the Vaad of the Kinus Mechanchos, which includes Mrs. Chana Brod, teacher at Bais Rivkah Elementary School, Mrs. Batsheva Deren, Principal of the Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh and Mrs. Shana Teichtel, Principal of Bais Rivkah High School, chose the Kinus theme of “בכל יום יהיו בעיניך כחדשים: New Tools for a Timeless Chinuch.”

Sessions will therefore include practical workshops and private coaching sessions offered by Rabbanim, mental health professionals, learning specialists and renowned educators to guide Mechanchos on how to meet students’ needs in these new times. Over 40 workshops will be offered in 6 parallel tracks so each Mechanaches can customize her experience, including programming offered specifically for School Leadership, Early Childhood, and General Studies.

The Kinus will host HaRav Yosef Shusterman, Rav of Anash in Los Angeles, and Shliach to Beverly Hills, CA, as keynote speaker, and to address Chinuch in Halacha. Rabbi Dr. Eli Tuchman, Head of School at Yeshivat Mekor Chaim in Baltimore, MD, will train teachers with tools to plan for success, and school leaders on building their faculty, their most valuable resource.

Mrs. Shternie Ginsburg, author of “My Awesome Self” will present on “Tools from Tanya for Reaching Our Students,” and Mrs. Henny Bartfield, Ms Ed, Educational Therapist and Veteran Teacher in Coral Springs, FL will give her course on “The Heart of Chinuch: Tools for Social-Emotional Learning.” (View the full list of presenters and sessions here.)

The Kinus is open to Chabad female teachers, school leaders, specialists or aspiring educators, in the Hebrew or General Studies departments, from preschool through high school. The Chinuch banquet and farbrengen are also open to guests who wish to show support for this vital work, and in turn gain strength and inspiration to rededicate themselves to Chinuch in all of its forms.

“I feel more empowered and attuned to my students’ needs,” shared Mrs. Chaya Bracha Rubin, Teacher at Maimonides Hebrew Day School in Albany, NY, after last year’s Kinus. “There are so many resources and concepts that I need and want to apply in my classroom, and share with my fellow educators!”

Year after year Mechanchos share that togetherness and the supportive environment that is what gives them strength for the upcoming school year.

“I loved the camaraderie and Achdus (unity) that permeated the whole Kinus. We wanted to learn from and get to know each other. It was beautiful,” Mrs. Chaya Lieblich, Teacher at Bnos Chomesh Academy in Crown Heights said.

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