Twenty aspiring Mechanchim participated in the program led by Rabbi Levke Kaplan, receiving individualized mentorship, completing over 30 courses in Pedagogy, and gaining hands-on classroom experience. The program equipped them with the necessary skills to become successful educators. Each of these aspiring educators are working in education today because of Kadima L’Chinuch. 

Meet Rabbi Yehoshua Resin, currently a teacher at Mesivta Lubavitch of Chicago after graduating from MEF’s program, Kadima L’Chinuch.

Why did you decide to go into chinuch?
I decided to go into chinuch because there is nothing more important than teaching Torah to the next generation. When we instill a love for learning and a connection to the Rebbe with a young child we impact his entire life, and set him on the path to fulfill the mission his neshoma came into the world to accomplish.

How has this course impacted your Shlichus in Chinuch?
This course has given me many tools to help engage my students in the classroom and have effective parent-teacher relationships, and it gave me a sense of confidence entering the field of chinuch.

What keeps you inspired to continue teaching?
The Rebbe wrote in a letter to Reb Nissan that one who works in one of the Rebbe’s mosdos becomes part of the mosad, and thereby part of the Nossi himself. Knowing that I am the Shliach to bring the Rebbe’s message and teachings to the next generation gives me the strength and ability to be successful in my work and inspires me to put everything I have into my teaching.

What did you gain from the course that you use in your classroom on a daily basis?

I use many of the tools and techniques I learned in the course to engage my Talmidim in different ways, by understanding their styles of learning and varying my lessons to connect with each Talmid.

Chinuch is important to me because the eternal existence of the Jewish people is dependent on the study of Torah, and in our generation especially as the ultimate preparation for the coming of Moshiach!