We are all familiar with the story of the King’s crown jewel being crushed into medicine as a mashal for revealing Chassidus in our times. This includes the Chiddush of teaching Chassidus to children, which is something the Rebbe emphasized.

As a Chassidishe Mechaneches do I, for example…

1) Show the pervasiveness of Pnimiyus HaTorah, by including Chassidishe horaos and deeper meanings in Chumash and other Nigleh subjects?

2) Emphasize Avodas HaTefilla, by adding an age appropriate hachana that helps students think about the One they are davening to?

3) Share Chassidishe stories, and do so in a way that makes the lesson clear, relevant and compelling?

4) Occasionally share my own experiences, in an appropriate way, of how I have changed and grown because of the Chassidus I have learned, in order to be mashpia on my students?

On the Rosh Hashana L’chassidus, is there a hachlata that I can make with regard to sharing the precious light of Chassidus with my students?

*Moment with MEF is a project of the Menachem Education Foundation, and written by Mrs. Chanah Rose