Veshinantam is a unique program that provides learning activities to help you bring Chumash to life for your students. With six units, all aligned to the Zekelman Standards for Chumash, you can find a wealth of resources to add dimension to your Chumash lessons, build skills and inspire your students.

Each unit comes with a Teachers’ Guide containing five – ten learning activities, described in detail with sample lessons, discussion points, rubrics and examples. Most activities can be applied on different grade levels, and indicate how they can be differentiated by grade or ability. The Teachers’ Guides come with e-copies of everything you will need to bring each activity to the classroom, including templates, wall posters, games, worksheets and more!

This flash sale is for inventory from Veshinantam 5776 and Veshinantam 5777, and all materials are marked accordingly. In order to enable us to continue bringing you quality materials such as these, do not share, email, or photocopy Teachers’ Guides or accompanying materials for use by more than one teacher. While copies of student materials should be made for each student in the class, any teacher using the program must purchase their own Teachers’ Guide and e-files (included).

Original Price: $60 per unit.

Sale Price: $20 per unit!

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Unit 1: Torah Architext

Zooming in on language skills, this unit focuses on 3.01 – Vocabulary, taking vocabulary building to a new level. This Teachers’ Guide deepens teacher understanding of how to teach language, while providing practical tools to bring these perspectives to the classroom.

  • Theme Launch – change the way your students look at Lashon Hakodesh, bringing concepts from Chasidus to life.
  • Language Learning Center – learn how to set up a multi-sensory station in your classroom to aid language learning.
  • Shoresh Dictionary – these templates help students create their own reference for learning Shorashim.
  • Words in Context – keeping track of how words appear in the Pesukim aids us in understanding their shades of meaning.
  • Gallery Walk – this activity gets students moving around the classroom to learn key vocabulary, before they encounter it in the Pesukim!


Unit 4: Follow the Trails

Rashi is our guide in learning Chumash, and this unit helps us learn from Rashi how to learn! Aligned with Standard 5:  Rashi Skills, this unit provides powerful activities and graphic organizers including:

  • Posuk Predictor – this graphic organizer contrasts what we think will happen in the Posuk with what actually happens, helping to guide students towards Rashi’s questions.
  • Dibur Hamaschil – what does Dibur Hamaschil tell us about Rashi’s comment? This graphic organizer makes the answer clear.
  • Chumash Jeapordy – use Rashi’s answer to figure out his question!
  • Follow the Trail – color coded flowcharts help distinguish the different sections of a Rashi.
  • Interpolated Chumash / Rashi Report – two fun activities aid students in integrating Rashi’s commentary with their understanding of the Posuk.
  • Chumash FAQs – this tool helps students categorize Rashi’s questions.
  • Rashi-nalizers – this set of graphic organizers for enrichment address Davar Achar and other finer points within a Rashi.


Unit 5: SOS

This set of activities is about “learning how to learn” – modeling and utilizing tools to help students gain confidence in their learning.

  • Survival Toolkit – teacher modeling helps students to identify what they can do to tackle challenges while learning.
  • Emergency Phone Numbers – students practice learning independently in a way that helps them identify areas of challenge.
  • Expert Explorers – templates for chavrusa work allow students to focus on one skill set a time that will aid them in independent learning.
  • Sharing the Expertise – this jigsaw activity allows students to learn independently in a supported environment, as well as share what they have learned!