Choose a category to view a list of available videos. From a short burst of inspiration, to a full workshop on how to reach your students, this growing library is replete with resources for you! These resources are culled from MEF workshops, conferences, and professional development over the past ten years.

Seeds: The Unforeseeable Impact of Teachers

The Rebbe’s Brachos to Educators

The Educator's Privilege

The Greatest Shlichus, Chinuch 5778

The Great Merit of Teaching Small Children

One Child, One World

Impacting the Family

Perspectives: What Does Chabad Chinuch Mean to Me? Mrs. Rochel Holzkenner

Perspectives: What Does Chabad Chinuch Mean to Me? Ms. Davina Schapiro

Perspectives: What Does Chabad Chinuch Mean to Me? Mrs. Itty Chazan

What is Chinuch? (Mrs. Batsheva Deren)

“Al Tig’u B’mshichai” (Mrs. Chanah Rose, MC Ms. Chava Yaffee)

The Shlichus of Chinuch (Rabbi Zalman Shneur, MC Mrs. Chanah Rose)

Lessons in Education (Mr. Norman Atkins)

Mortgaging Lubavitch to Pay for Chinuch

The Kaleidoscope of Chabad Chinuch (Mrs. Vivi Deren)

Inreach, Not Just Outreach (Rabbi YY Jacobson)

When the Son Rises Forever (Rabbi Dovid Hazdan, MC Rabbi Dovid Kagan)

The Many Hats of a Mechaneches (Mrs. Gitty Rosenfeld)

Making a Lasting Impact (Rabbi Yosef Minkowitz)

Substance Abuse and Addiction: What Role Do Teachers Play? (Dr. Akiva Perlman)

Anxiety and Depression, and What We Can Do About It (Dr. David Pelcovitz)

Building Resilience (Dr. Rona Novick)

Mental Health (Dr. Rona Novick)

The Rebbe’s Views on Chinuch (Rabbi Yossi Paltiel)

Speaking Their Language (Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum)

What Teens Really Need (Rabbi Shais Taub)

The 12 Pesukim: the Rebbe’s Missions Statement for Chinuch (Rabbi Shais Taub)

Chabad Chinuch (Rabbi Shimon Raichik)

Partner in Chinuch Award 5777: Mr. Yosef Y. Popack

Chinuch Award 5777, Rabbi Yehoshua Samuels

Chinuch Award 5777, Mrs. Devorah Leah Smith

Chinuch Award 5776: Mrs. Miriam Gerber

Eisenberg Award 5776: Rabbi Zalman Schapiro

Eisenberg Award 2014: Rabbi Yehoshua Eisenberg

Eisenberg Award 2014: Rabbi Manis Frankel

Abraham Award 2012: for Data Driven Instruction

Chumash: Finding Quotes (Dr. Sara Rosenfeld)

Chumash: Comparing and Contrasting (Dr. Sara Rosenfeld)

Chumash: Logical Sequencing (Dr. Sara Rosenfeld)

Chumash: Literal and Contextual Meanings (Dr. Sara Rosenfeld)

Chumash: Finding Facts (Dr. Sara Rosenfeld)

Chumash: Shroggle (Rabbi Simcha Frankel)

Chumash: Passports (Rabbi Zalman Hecht)

Chumash: Souvenir Journal (Rabbi Elazar Fish)

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