Teacher Induction Program for Women

MAKE CHINUCH YOUR SHLICHUS & train for classroom success.

The Teacher Induction Program is a yearlong intensive program to professionally train Chabad teachers in the skills needed to succeed in the classroom. Rooted in the traditional Chassidic approach to education, the program incorporates the most effective educational techniques used in classrooms around the world and offers new teachers comprehensive skill building courses and hands-on mentorship to train for classroom success.

When we focus on teachers, our students succeed.

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Program Details:

The women’s TIP is a modular, incremental program that has been structured to allow teachers to opt in to various courses to brush up on specific skill sets, or to commit to a comprehensive induction program in full. Over the course of an academic year, four separate six-week courses will be offered, highlighting the four core standards of TIP. Participants will be able to choose the sessions and topics that are most relevant to them, or complete all four sessions to benefit from the comprehensive program. All of the courses will take place live online in a virtual classroom and will be taught by expert instructors. All a teacher needs are a headset, a webcam and a few hours a week, and she can participate in an immersive, interactive, and enriching learning experience.

The four six-week courses will focus on:

  1.    Classroom Management with Ms. Chani Kramer. Begins September 13th
  2.    Lesson Planning and Delivery with Mrs. Henny Bartfield begins mid-November.
  3.    Standards and Assessments with Mrs. Sara Rosenfeld, begins mid-February.
  4.    The Chassidishe Mechaneches Presenter TBA begins May.

Learn more program details here: TIP Program Details 

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TIP for Women


The women’s program is open to any woman teacher in a Chabad school regardless of her background or experience.


The cost of the full program, including all four courses and coaching is $1,800.

The cost of the standalone coaching (without the webinars) is $1,200.

The cost of each 6-week course is $200.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register for any of the courses by September 1st, 2016 for the price of $175 per course! 

For more information: Please call (718) 819-6175 or email [email protected]

Optional Certification

At least two courses taken in combination with coaching make a participant eligible to receive credits according to the stipulations detailed in the above section, “Optional Accreditation.”  Professional development certificates and continuing education credits are also available to participants who fulfill course requirements. Please inquire for more details.

Program Staff

Program Staff

Mrs. Chanah Rose, Educational Director

After nearly a decade as a teacher and curriculum director, Mrs. Rose has taken her passion for education to the next level in her role as MEF’s educational director, where she works with teachers, schools and other constituents to bring MEF’s lofty educational goals to life in the classroom. Mrs. Rose also leads the women’s division of TIP.

Ms. Chani Kramer, MA

A highly effective instructional leader who has worked with teachers of varying levels of experience and expertise on honing their skills and customizing solutions for their classroom, Ms. Kramer has served as a department chair for Judaic Studies and has worked as a curriculum developer.

Mrs. Henny Bartfield 

Known for her loving and warm demeanor and her use of innovative teaching techniques to engage her students, Mrs. Bartfield is one of Southern Florida’s most esteemed educators. Despite her extensive experience, she never rests on her laurels or becomes stagnant in her teaching, constantly striving to stimulate her students with exciting and engaging lessons.

Dr. Sara Rosenfeld, D.Ed

Director of Curriculum in Yeshiva-Beth Rivkah Colleges in Melbourne, Australia, and author of numerous Judaic curricula and workbooks, Dr. Rosenfeld is sought after as a presenter and Jewish educational consultant around the world.

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