Teacher Coaching Program



and learn to support other teachers.


    • Are you passionate about Chinuch?


    • Do you have five or more years of successful teaching experience?


    • Do you want the opportunity to support new teachers and raise the standard of education in our schools?


    • Are you a reflective teacher, a good listener, and a supportive person?

If you answered yes to these questions, you can benefit from our Teacher Coaching Program.

With lots of options to fit your busy schedule and professional demands, you can find one that is right for you!


    • Attend in the summer, commitment free, or as an active coach throughout the year.


    • Join as an independent coach, or coach a teacher in our Teacher Induction Program.

Teachers and school leaders! Benefit from honing your skills in educational leadership and your ability to bring out the best in other teachers.

Principals! Match up your staff members to create fruitful peer coaching relationships, with the support and professionalism provided by our teacher coaching program.

Do you need another teacher to coach, or sponsorship for the program costs? Join as a coach for our Teacher Induction Program, and we will pay your way in return for your expert service.


Program Overview:

Registration for the Teacher Coaching Program is now OPEN

Please complete and submit an online application here: Teacher Coaching Program Application
Or, download an application form here: Teacher Coaching Application 5776 

To inquire about the program or to submit an application please email [email protected] or call 718-663-7215.

Program Overview

The Teacher Coaching Program is an initiative of the Menachem Education Foundation to train teachers with a minimum of five years’ experience in effective coaching for other teachers. If you are passionate about Chinuch, and want to improve your skills and help others in the field, this is your next step.

The Teacher Coaching Program combines a number of the most effective models in leadership, education and peer coaching. Coaches will learn how to empower and support their colleagues in the complex task of teaching. You will gain effective vocabulary, communication and trust building skills, a format for coaching sessions, methods for classroom observation and feedback, and a broad background in the pedagogical areas to focus on.

The Teacher Coaching Program will be fully aligned with MEF’s acclaimed Teacher Induction Program. As with all of MEF programs, this program will take a standards-based approach to education, focusing on the Danielson Domains for effective teaching, the Zekelman Standards for Judaic Studies, and the best of contemporary pedagogical tools and models.

There will be separate, parallel programs for men and women. The men’s program will be held locally in Brooklyn, NY. The women’s program will be held online in a live, interactive virtual classroom for coaches around the world.

Program Structure and Curriculum

1)    3 Day Summer Intensive – Introduction to Coaching
August 18-20/3-5 Elul for men; August 23-25/8-10 Elul for women – Crown Heights

  • Day 1: Understanding Instructional Competencies
    What do teachers need to know and be able to do? This is a helicopter view of the instructional domains covered in the Teacher Induction Program, to ensure alignment between coach and coachee and provide a review of professional pedagogy, and is based on the Danielson Domains for effective teaching.
  • Day 2: The Coaching Stance
    This day will provide an overview of the peer coaching model that will be employed, and its three components: planning, observation, and reflection. Attention will be given to the coaching stance – establishing trust and the language of coaching.
  • Day 3: The Planning Conference
    In depth exploration and practice of the first component of the three part coaching model.

2)    Additional Workshops – the Peer Coaching Model

These two workshops will cover the remaining components of the coaching model in depth:

  • Classroom Observation 1/2 day (October)
  • The Reflective Conference full day (November)

3)    Monthly Forums
December through June – 1 1/2 – 2 hour sessions

The purpose of these sessions is to support the development of the coach’s skills. Participants (coaches) will be asked to bring their coaching experiences including progress and challenges to each meeting. Under the guidance and structure provided by the facilitator and via peer collaboration, the group will work through the challenges together.

Program Tracks

1)     Active Coach, Independent

We invite any teacher or school leader with at least 5 years of teaching experience, who is in an active coaching relationship, to join the full program. Principals may play a role in matching coaches with other teachers, or coaches may practice skills with any other teacher willing to benefit from this process.

Cost of participation: $1,200

3)   Active Coach, Teacher Induction Program

MEF is recruiting experienced teachers to coach participants in our Teacher Induction Program (TIP). These teachers are new teachers in their first 3 years of teaching. If you choose to apply and are accepted as a TIP coach, we will cover the cost of this program for you and provide a stipend.

Cost of participation: waived

TIP Coach Stipend:  $2,000

Expectations for Participation

  1. Establishing and upholding a regular schedule for coaching (two 90 minute cycles per month). Each cycle will include:
    • A Planning Conference (approximately 45 minutes)
      A minimum of one Planning Conference should be scheduled before the start of the school year. 
    • A Classroom Observation (approximately 20 minutes)
    • A Reflective Conference (approximately 25 minutes) within 48 hours of the observation.
  2. Complete and submit a Coaching Cycle Form to MEF for each coaching cycle.
  3. Attend all program workshops and forums.
  4. Maintain confidentiality in the coaching relationship.

To inquire or apply, email [email protected], or call 718-663-7215.

Program Staff:

Teacher Coaching Program for Women: Mrs. Bluma Gorevitz

Mrs. Bluma Gorevitz is a veteran educator who grew up in Crown Heights in a family of Chinuch. She began teaching in Bais Rivkah, and then moved to Philadelphia as a Shlucha. Since Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia was founded to serve the educational needs of the budding community, Mrs. Gorevitz has played a leading role in both teaching and administration in the swiftly growing school. Her teaching experience adds up to over a decade and a variety of age groups, and her particular strengths include teaching Chumash and multi-age/level classrooms.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Gorevitz has spent the past few years in Cheder Chabad as a teacher leader, mentoring other teachers. This past year, she participated in the school’s Inquiry Program, and then was selected and trained by Liz Gewirtzman to lead the program. She is also a curriculum coordinator and instructional leader for the teachers in Cheder Chabad. Mrs. Gorevitz looks forward to sharing her experience and expertise with additional educators, who will go on to make a difference in Chinuch by empowering other teachers to excel.