The Menachem Education Foundation’s new Teacher Training Program, called “Step Up for the Shlichus of Chinuch” is closing registration this Sunday, and there is room for only the last few candidates to sign up. So far fourteen Yungeleit, who are rising stars in Chabad Chinuch, have already registered for this exclusive program, and are excited to learn best Chinuch practices and methodology before they start next year as Mechanchim. The program, which starts next Tuesday, 4 Iyar, April 25, aims to provide high quality training and new Chinuch positions to aspiring educators, bringing the community one step closer to solving the teacher shortage crisis.

Directed by Rabbi Levke Kaplan, Menahel of Cheder Chabad Monsey, and created in partnership with United Lubavitcher Yeshiva and Oholei Torah, participants will spend 2-4 hours each morning assisting and observing star teachers for real hands-on experience in the classroom. Training courses led by renowned Mechanchim will take place in the afternoon. Course participants will also receive individual mentorship from experienced Crown Heights teachers, a generous stipend upon completion of the course, and will be guaranteed a permanent Chinuch position for the upcoming school year, highlighting the value of investing time and energy in learning how to be a Mechanech.

“In today’s day and age a Chassidishe Chinuch is more critical than ever, and we must go in the direction of training Melamdim to this end,” shares Rabbi Mendel Blau, Dean of Oholei Torah in Crown Heights.

“This program is the right path for placing Rebbi-ready Yungeliet in the classroom,” states Rabbi Yosef Simpson of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva.

Rabbi Kaplan shares that the registration of quality applicants has been heartwarming, as well as the encouragement from supporting Mechanchim. In addition to the few available spots for yungeleit who are passionate about Chinuch to sign up, Rabbi Levke Kaplan invites experienced Mechanchim who feel that they have experience and Chinuch tools to share with new teachers, to sign up as mentors for the program’s participants.

“There are so many teachers changing the world from their classrooms,” he says. “Now it’s time to share it with other teachers too.”

MEF plans to develop this three-month pilot teacher training course into a year-long program, and provide professional teacher’s training for women in the future as well, to build a new generation of skilled educators who are equipped to meet the needs of today’s students. 

“Teaching while keeping the class under control seems very intimidating to me. Even after jumping into teaching for an hour a day I don’t feel adequate at doing both in a successful manner, but being taught how to do it properly while also watching other professional Mechanchim do it properly gives me hope of finally attaining the skills necessary to becoming a great teacher,” shares program registrant, Rabbi Menachem Sarytchev, who is excited to start the training. 

To incentivize the initiative, there will be an up to $7,000 stipend awarded to qualified participants who complete the upcoming program and make Chinuch their Shlichus, whether locally or out of town. 

There are limited stipends and spots available and the course begins soon, so MEF encourages those who are interested to sign up soon, and those who know talented young individuals with potential to be fantastic teachers to spread the word. To be a part of ultimately paving the way for a new generation of equipped educators in Chabad school, visit for complete details on the program and stipend.