Finalist Bio (Women) #4: Mrs. Nechama Tauber

Mrs. Nechama Tauber, Lubavitch Educational Center, Florida

Mrs. Tauber is far from a conventional frontal teacher. Creative and inventive, she is constantly innovating in her classroom, implementing new and exciting ideas that are then shared with others and incorporated schoolwide. Involved both in hands-on learning and numerous extra-curriculars, Mrs. Tauber’s classes and activities are “interesting and fun, as they encourage the girls to figure out the material on their own.” Parents are quick to point out that not only does she teach, but she “lives and breathes Torah, chassidus and middos.”


Each of Mrs. Tauber’s lessons are brimming with interesting, fun and interactive activities that encourage her students to discover the material on their own. Making sure to differentiate instruction to cater to students on every academic level, Mrs. Tauber implements exciting projects that draw each student in and teach not only Chumash skills, but a love for Torah and “a unique pride in being a Lubavitcher Chossid.” A true Dugma Chaya, Mrs. Tauber uses her many talents to strengthen her students’ skills and connection to Hashem.

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