Rabbi Yossel Sirota


When it comes to chinuch, Rabbi Sirota knows one philosophy: positivity. A phenomenal mechanech who truly cares about his students’ wellbeing, Rabbi Sirota’s positive reinforcement and ability to raise his student’s confidence up with a simple kind word are legendary. Known to hold his class spellbound as he weaves text learning together with lessons on chassidishkeit and ahavas yisroel, Rabbi Sirota brings excitement to every lesson. Known for spending his own resources on the children, he imbues excitement and a love for learning in his classroom, making sure that no matter what the children come first.


Rabbi Sirota regularly consults with the school’s leadership and communicates with parents to gauge where each student is holding and works with children who are struggling to catch them up to the rest of the class. With the goal of ensuring that every one of his students can master basic Chumash skills, he has also become a champion of data driven instruction, analyzing assessment results to identify individual students’ areas of weakness and creating personalized action plans to focus on building specific skills.
Rabbi Sirota is able to break down individual skills to ensure every student can achieve independent learning. In one case, using his method of assessment and analysis he discovered that a student was successful and breaking down prefixes but not suffixes. This discovery allowed Rabbi Sirota to realize that the student was not reading well, as he never got to the end of the word. He was then able to develop a program to bring the child’s reading up to grade level. In similar ways, Rabbi Sirota patiently works with each child, making sure no one falls between the cracks.