Rabbi Yosef Wolowik


Although he is already a well-established mechanech, Rabbi Wolowik is never satisfied with the status quo, constantly seeking to refine and enhance his educational skills. Rabbi Wolowik continues to innovate creating workbooks and guides to assist students in understanding Gemara. Recognized for developing a teaching methodology that stresses the fundamental skills necessary for “Hascholas Gemara”, Rabbi Wolowik takes the initiative to find different methods of learning for each student, providing his students with the necessary tools and skills to learn and thrive.


Rabbi Wolowik has implemented cutting-edge technology and standard-based learning for Talmud study, utilizing the Smartboard, online assessments, and classroom ipads to enhance learning. His leadership in the educational arena of Gemara is valued by fellow educators, and his teaching method is continuously adapted into the curriculum of other institutions.
As both a teacher and assistant principal, Rabbi Wolowik is an expert in providing children who are struggling both in and out of the classroom with the one-on-one attention they need.  His outstanding rapport with his classroom students also extends to students throughout the school, as he demonstrates an extraordinary ability to turn discipline into a “teaching moment” that every student knows will be fair, eye-opening and doable.  Beloved and looked up to by his talmidim, Rabbi Wolowik was voted by the graduating Eighth Grade class as “the teacher who taught them the most material and left them with lessons that they will always remember.”