Rabbi Shuki Steinberg

A passionate mechanch who is devoted to seeing his students succeed, Rabbi Steinberg will do whatever it takes to make sure each one of his students reaches his full potential. Energetic and enthusiastic, he brings learning to life with exciting stories, innovative activities and a unique charisma that is all his own. As a leader of his school’s Mishnayos and Gemara curriculum, Rabbi Steinberg carefully developed a system that ensures every student can open up a Sefer and understand the content independently. A believer in using chavrusa learning to draw out each child’s ability to learn, he has succeeded in helping students not only gain a sense of ownership over their own learning, but assist and strengthen their peers.

With an innate ability to know what exactly every single child needs to succeed, Rabbi Steinberg has developed different and separate tracks to guide his students towards the goal of having them be able to open a Sefer and break down the content on their own. As one parent whose son had in previous years struggled to keep up with the class explained, “Rabbi Steinerg was able to teach the entire class and still ensure that my son succeeded. He spent time with him after class, called me to follow up, and even texted my husband suggestions of what to review,” stressing that the busy Rebbi, “cares about the details that nobody has time for.”